for the past few years, i have participated in the longest day with the alzheimer’s association. the longest day is a team event to raise funds and awareness for alzheimer’s disease. held every year on the summer solstice, the duration of this sunrise-to-sunset event symbolizes the challenging journey of those living with the disease and their caregivers.
alzheimer’s disease is something that hits very close to home. i started my team #movinformargie a couple of years ago, and this is the third year that i will raise money and awareness. margie is my mom. she was diagnosed with early onset alzheimer’s when she was only 55. statistically, half of my mom’s kids will develop early onset alzheimer’s. it has been diagnosed in people in their 30s and 40s. i do this in honor of my mom, but i also participate selfishly, in hope that there is a cure before i need it. you can read more of my family’s story here: the longest day.2015/06/img_5842.jpg

ghetto running log:
wednesday: key workout #1: speed:
3.01 miles in 24:56 + warm up–1200, 1000, 800, 600, 400, 200 intervals
getting to look out the window while on the dread mill.
getting it done before 3:00pm
my favorite mustache socks and a fresh pedicure.
the guy who walked around the gym on his phone. for at least 20 minutes. without even touching a machine. #misstheymca



ooh. la. la.


dread. mill.


ghetto running log:
friday saturday: key workout #2: tempo
7.14 miles in ? minutes. garmin died at 5.86
running on the beach. why don’t i do that more?
permanent hopscotch. every. time.
the poor little crabs all washed up on the beach.
the patient blue heron, just waiting for a fish to swim through its legs.
the lady walking her dog in her robe.
the first runner i passed, who couldn’t be bothered to say good morning.
the dad, on a leisurely walk with his baby in a carrier, maybe letting mama sleep.

ghetto running log:
sunday: key workout #3: long run
11.11 miles. motivation was nil.
i wish dog beach smelled better, because it’s so much fun to watch the dogs there.
permanent hop scotch.
could coffee smell any better?
the definitive puke splatter.
the little red crabs that are all over the beach (photo credit: san diego scenic photography on fb).


oh. the. crabs.


my mom is a life-long teacher. literally, she was a teacher in a school for kids with special needs. but she is so much more of a teacher than that. she taught me how to walk, with braces on my feet. she taught me this really amazing sense of self, with the most encouraging words (i don’t think i went a day when she didn’t tell me “you’re the best.” perhaps that was the start of my competitive side…) she taught me that i could do anything i set my mind to. she taught me that a tub of ice cream with two spoons, at the kitchen island is some of the best therapy. she taught me to stand up for myself. she taught me to choose happy. she continues to teach me love, patience, and compassion.








this past week started off a little slow. when i know i have all week to catch up on workouts, it’s easy to put a swim off.

so, my bike is damaged beyond repair, but bike flights is making it right. long story short: when i went to pa for my 70.3, i decided to ship my bike. more expensive than renting a bike, but being comfortable on my own bike was well worth it. my bike made it out to pa relatively unharmed. A minor scratch, but whatever, ridable. the trip back to ca was not as fortunate. due to major mishandling by fed ex, my frame got cracked. cracked. cracked beyond being able to fix. or ride. go to a bike shop, price some tri bikes. expensive. that’s all i can say about that. instead of shipping directly through fed ex, i went through bike flights, which provides insurance and, so far, excellent customer service. the guys at hi tech bikes were nice enough to look over my bike and mike, the owner offered me a loaner bike, but ultimately went back to moment cycle, since i got my bike there and they are a giant dealer. they are taking good care of me and got me a loaner bike too, which is my exact model, so it’s pretty convenient.


apparently cracks in carbon frames cannot be mended. boohiss.

now the important stuff, that you actually care about:

ghetto running log:
wednesday: key workout # 1: speed
4×800 plus warm-up.
cool down was a quick stretch and swim.
morning news and a decent playlist.
its hard to come up with things i can outrun on a treadmill…i mean, you’re going nowhere.


dread. mill.


ghetto running log:
friday: key workout # 2 tempo

i opted to not do the tempo run and helped jeremy tear apart our kitchen. we are running the mud run on saturday, so i thought that would be a good replacement.

bonus ghetto running log:
saturday: camp pendleton mud run
10k with obstacles in 1:09:06
guy with his hair cut and dyed into a pineapple.
group in lederhosen, complete with filled steins.
crawling through mud, of course.
a lot of people.
most of our team, finished 2nd of 15 or so.
the two girls in pink i was chasing for most of the run.
all of the women between the ages of 35 and 39, less 2, of you discount the woman named henry.


this sunrise.



these results.

ghetto running log:
sunday monday: key workout # 3: long run
my barb was sick and i was still pretty sore from dominating at the mud run, so we put off our long run until monday afternoon. but then she was still sick on monday afternoon, so i had to do it solo. waaaaahhhh!
14.0 miles in 2:02:47 with more than a couple stretch breaks.
perfect combination of summer sun and june gloom.
permanent hopscotch two times.
surf check at garbage.
getting an annoying taylor swift song out of my head within a mile.
the girl riding on the sidewalk with her dog in her basket.
one diving osprey, that caught a fish, and flew across the river to eat it.
no jetty cats, say what?
the girl i saw at the end of the cliffs who had the most beautiful hair i’ve ever seen in person. definitely dyed. that kind of hair that looks like she woke up that way, but really took her an hour to perfect. yes, her hair was beautiful, but i can outrun her.

every june, i participate in the longest day, which is a cool annual fundraiser and awareness raiser for the alzheimer’s association. my mom has early onset alzheimer’s, so it is a really important cause. statistically, fifty percent of children of those with early onset alzheimer’s will develop the disease. i raise money and awareness in honor of my mom and in hope that there is a cure before i need it.

my page


so, my last post was about starting over with a new training cycle. well, it didn’t actually happen, or need to happen, last week. so now, i’m actually starting.

day one started a little tired after seeing the rolling stones the night before. i was up past midnight, which is a feat in itself for me. i mean, they didn’t even start until after nine, which is pretty much past my bedtime already. so. worth. it.

zip. code.

zip. code.

after a little late start, i met up with one of my favorite couples to swim at la jolla cove. what a nice way to start the week. i was so grateful that they were swimming today, and a little late for the holiday, so i didn’t have to wake up so early.

i had a conversation with them about how i can balance teaching spin with what will be really really long workouts. this week i ended up teaching four classes, more than i really can handle in my training schedule. this week it worked out, since i am sans bike. sob story later. usually, i teach tuesday afternoon, which is fine, and actually fits in my training schedule. but saturday mornings, are going to really get in the way of my long weekend workouts. eventually, i’ll need to do six to seven hour rides on the weekend, most likely saturday. it just makes it really hard if i have to do it after ten am. so that’s what’s on my mind right now…how to balance it.

oh yeah, we’re remodeling our kitchen in june too, so there’s that…more balancing.

so now what you really came for. i have now actually started my marathon training plan. officially.

ghetto running log:
wednesday: key workout #1: speed

5.0 miles in 40:50 3×1600 speed
making the best of the dreadmill with storage wars and some new music.
getting it done, before winning our championship softball game.
my treadmill neighbors. they didn’t know we were racing. we were. and i won.


dread. mill.


ghetto running log:
friday saturday: key workout #2: tempo
6.08 miles (just to see if my sister reads my blog) in 48:35.5 2 easy, 2 short tempo7:32, 2 easy.
a super quiet morning in ob.
dogs sitting shotgun.
an old guy, sitting, “fishing,” with three poles, none of them in the water.
eight jetty cats.
three diving birds.
two seagulls who stood their ground.
a boat bombarded by birds.
a kid playing wall ball all by himself, also doing a play-by-play.

ghetto running log:
sunday: key workout #3: long run
13.0 miles in 1:59:27
two hours of non-stop talk with my barb.
a boat in the bay called defiance.
dolphins just sitting in the break.
our run from last week cut short at nine miles.
the rnr runners, who we missed on our path, thankfully.

i have one month to find the four month training plan that i want to follow for my ironman training. right now i’m continuing my base training, and feeling good. must. stretch. more.

breathe in. breathe out. focus. balance.





one training cycle ends. another begins. this training cycle is a big one. i am now in training for the ventura marathon in september. my barb wants to qualify for boston, so of course, so do i. we are using the run less, run faster training program, which is what i used the last time, so i think we can make it happen.
i’m also starting my training for my 140.6 mile tri (aka ironman) in october.

ghetto running log:
wednesday: key workout #1: speed
4.13 miles in 32:36 speed workout 3×1600 at 7:08 pace
the dread mill went by quickly
storage wars on my personal tv
a pink song I haven’t heard in forever
the people on either side of me
the last year me-it’s been a while since i’ve seen seven minutes


dread. mill.


ghetto running log:
friday saturday: key workout #2: tempo
6.08 miles thinking of my sister (6/8!) in 49:17.5
two easy miles, two short tempo (7:32), two easy miles
sunny skies
the turn around, with the wind
only one jetty cat
one super diving bird
the confused swarm of parrots circling mid-day

ghetto running log:
sunday: key workout #3: longish run
9.0 miles out of the 13 planned miles in 1:20:56
catching up.
finding out, after bailing at 9 miles, that our actual training doesn’t start until next week!
the me from last week who could not move.
lots of boardwalkers, vacationers, and surfcheckers




i think i might have needed this light week. i felt good running with goals in mind. after last week, when i couldn’t make my body move, i needed some feel good runs. having set workouts, and very specific goals for each one, helps me. helps me stay accountable. helps me stay motivated. helps me stay charged. this was a good week. i ran a few times, i got in the pool, and i taught a spin class. maybe i needed a week to reset.

start. over.

start. over.

so tomorrow it starts. it really starts. this starting over thing.


so this sunday, i completed the lake raystown triathlon in pa. the week before, i found out that there were only about 150 people racing, including a sprint and olympic distance. i was registered for the half distance (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run = 70.3 miles) which had a total of 50 racers, 16 women. i was more than kind of nervous about being in such a small race. i wanted to throw up.


face it.



we arrived in pa on thursday and it rained and stormed off and on each day, so i was obsessively checking the weather reports. when i woke up that morning, it was so-dark-thirty, that i couldn’t really tell what the weather was like. i thought i spotted a star, so it must not be too bad, right? accuweather was calling for rain around 4 that day, so i felt better about not having to go all day in the rain.
we had about a 45 minute drive to the start, and it rained all the way. not looking too good.
we got to the start, and it was dry, so i set up my transition area. of course, it started to rain a little before swim. other people were definitely more prepared for the rain than me, with plastic bags and tarps, but i pride myself on minimalism, so i wasn’t too worried. it never ceases to amaze me how much crap people think they need for a race, or how much space they take up for all of the crap.  transition areas are tight and cramped. watch a youtube video to learn how to place your crap so it’s not all over the place, people.

swim –i was worried about the water temp. i thought the temp was going to be in the high 50s, but it was very similar to san diego water temp (62-63 degrees), so i felt comfortable. the swim start was really weird. the half distance started first, and we were all sort of wading into the water, adjusting. someone asked “are we starting here, or at the first buoy?” the response was “right here, in three, two, one, go!” and that was the start. i settled into a rhythm easily, and felt strong and steady, but knew I wasn’t in the lead or anything. and freshwater swimming vs. salt water, is such a change, a good one, i think. not salty, but murky. i felt good, but it was hard to tell where i was as far as any other swimmer’s pace. i need to get better at breathing, sighting, and pacing, you know, kind of everything…(swim time: 43:49.93, 18th out of the water)
#highlights: 1. an even rhythm. 2. not being last.

quick transition –motivated by another athlete, sitting down in transition–“i can beat her” ran through my head, and i did. i told everyone to be careful out there, and went on my way. (t1 time: disappointed that they didn’t list these times in the results, but i think it was quick-maybe 2:00 ish)

bike–going into this race, i was obsessively checking the weather; will it rain? will it storm? will it be hot and humid?–i’ve never biked in the rain. would i be able to brake? what about the turns? would i have any traction to get up hills? i was only a little freaked out, especially after we drove the first part of the bike course the day before. it took us 45 minutes just to drive it! ugh, was this going to be a five hour bike ride? and an 8 hour race, crap, it’s an 8 hour time limit. the bike ended up being the best part. it rained for about 40 miles of the bike and aside from one really hard hill around mile 14, it was like i was playing in the rain. jeremy and the fam found me several times on the bike, which was really motivating. the rolling hills were so fun to gain speed down, and keep the momentum up the next hill. i really got really familiar with my gears and what they could do for me:) about a mile after the big hill, i had already forgotten all about it. and then it dried up and the sun came out. during the last 10 miles or so, the fun wore off and i just wanted to finish. in those last few miles, that the chick that i beat in transition caught up with me and blew right on to the finish. i saw her heading out on the run, when i was getting into t2. damn it. (bike time: 3:32:48.07, 17th)


fun, rainy bike ride



#highlights: 1. seeing a couple of guys who looked like they were out for a morning jog, in the rain, one in jeans. he was an old farmer, with a john deere hat, probably. 2. the rolling hills. fog in the valleys. green. green. green. 3. more cows than people or cars.

another quick transition–i felt good getting off the bike, and quickly getting myself together for the run (t2 time: no time reported, but i would guess 2-3 minutes)

run–jeremy joined me for the first two miles, giving me some mojo to get down the next stretch. the first two miles had a couple of hills to get out of the lake/resort area. the first two and last two miles had quite a few hills, that i really had not trained adequately for. that, and not doing enough bricks, and recovering from injury through a majority of training. after i ran out of the resort, there were these long slow ups and downs, that were on a two lane freeway, with sloping shoulders, for drainage. i ran on the gravel for most of it, to get off of the slope. luckily, jeremy met me at the halfway mark, and ran the rest with me. my body did not want to continue, my brain was creating a wall, and he kept encouraging me and pushing me. i whined. i cried. i yelled. i cursed. he kept being positive and pushing. it was slow, and so mentally painful, probably for him too. the worst part of the run: you had to pass the finish line area to make one more little loop, making it a little long 13.32 (run time: 2:28:21.00, slowest. half. ever.)


strong finish.


#highlights: 1. getting to see the fam and friends cheering out of the transition area, and on the way out after the first loop. 2. finding a barb in my husband. 3. getting through the most mentally difficult run i have ever had.


whatever it takes.


total: 6:44:59.00
my slowest, of three races of this distance. but definitely the most challenging course so far. this gives me a good measure of what i need to do and where i need improvement, for the next one. isn’t that what it’s all about? facing fears, raising the bar, setting and crushing goals.



first in my age group.




so, in my last full week of training, i finally was able to do all of my scheduled workouts. i’m trying to embrace this coming week of tapering, but i can’t help but want to do make-up training. i know i shouldn’t. i know i’ve done as much as i can, aside from actually getting in open water and trying out my new, long-sleeved wetsuit.

ghetto running log:
5.46 miles in 50:27.3
quality time with my barb (more on that later)
losing track of time and an impromptu family dinner
us, running with a jog stroller thingy. apparently it does make a difference.

ghetto running log:
5.0 miles in 39:33.1–this one was a good one, after an hour in the pool and a spin class.
thinking about two very special people tying the knot today
an octopus painted on the staircase i went down
running by the beach on sandstone, feeling like it was play
averaging under 8 minute miles, bitches!
tons of kites in my hood
the acro-yoga going on in the park
the mail lady with her shirt unbuttoned to reveal her casual saturday tshirt, it may have been grateful dead…i love my hood
this old dude with a mustache that went all the way to his sideburns
the four high fives in a row. high fives are the best.

ghetto running log:
13.1 miles in 1:57:18
8.5 miles with my barb–never ceases to amaze me that we can talk that much
sunny beautiful day on the bay
pushed up long-sleeves
the couple rollerblading on the boardwalk, holding hands…how cute. barf.
an older couple riding bikes together slower than i thought was possible to ride bikes
two guys throwing a frisbee, failing to catch it a single time

so today is mother’s day. i think mother’s day is one of those made-up, hallmark holidays. not that moms don’t deserve recognition. they do. but they kind of deserve it every day. and i’d like to think i love and think of my mom every day of the year. but today, i’m going to give a shout out to my mom, even though she’ll never see this.

you see, my mom has taught me a lot. life is not fair, fake it til you make it, smile with your teeth, it is what it is. she has given me this spirit to go want to everywhere and see everything, and she has always allowed me to be me. she continues to teach me patience, compassion, and kindness.

it is what it is

every day, i find myself thinking of my mom. every day, i say “what would margie do?” because she is that kind of person. every day, i think about making my mom proud. every day.

my mom did a triathlon once, and the biggest decision made was whether to wear her contacts or a bra after the swim. she felt like she didn’t have time for both.

what would margie do in this final week of training? she would embrace the chance to fly across the country and see family. she would enjoy the week of taper. she would smile, with her teeth, knowing she did the best she could.





i mention “barbs” a lot, so i thought i would define this term…but first let me take a selfie let me ghetto run…

ghetto running log:
4.0 miles that i really wanted to put off… in 30:33.4
low flying parrots
jasmine all over in ob
a lone flipflop in the street-while i’m sad it’s all alone, a lone flipflop is always amusing
permanent hopscotch
another long-sleeve-pushed-up day
smiles from fellow runners, and a hearty “good job” from one
23 dogs…definitely the one in the wagon…my friend katie has something with counting dogs. i totally get it.

ghetto running log:
shakeout 2.23 miles in 20:16.5
running with jeremy and my niece olivia
an uphill to peace chapel
a nine year old! woohoo!
all of the dogs indoors or tied up, can’t catch me!

*here is the original idea of the barb (bad ass running buddy).
this blog was written by one of my barbs. she pushes me when i don’t want to. she invites me on runs, rides, swims, when i want to stay in bed. she sacrifices her own early mornings, to help me train. i know she likes the training too, but she is really why i do half of the crazy training things that i do.

“a good running girlfriend is more than just the person who pries you out of bed at o-dark-thirty because showing up is easier than trying to text “not coming” without your contacts in. occupying that small sliver of venn diagram where cheerleader, personal trainer, therapist, and friend all intersect, finding a good running partner is like pouring out a bowl of lucky charms and realizing you’ve gotten nothing but the marshmallow-y bits: you had no idea something so wonderful was possible, and yet, there it is.”
–i don’t remember exactly where this came from, but i remember sending it to one of my barbs, just feeling overwhelmed with this amazing relationship that has built over the miles. there is this funny, tmi sort of friendship that happens when you open up to running with other women. i spent way too long running solo, and i still prefer it some days, but I really value the time I get with the girls.


i am so lucky to have an incredible group of running girlfriends/barbs. i was fortunate enough to meet them all through girls on the run san diego., with like-minds for fitness and giving. when i had so many doubts about this triathlon, they were there to be my cheerleaders, my encouragers, my pushers. i worried about coming in last, and they returned that doubt with “what if you win?” they let me be brave.


i hope that i give back enough to them. i hope they know how important they are to me, and how much they motivate and inspire. we all sort of take turns being the motivator, encourager, cheerleader, friend.
thank you barbs. you all are pretty much the best.

today i did a 70.3, and my best barb was my husband jeremy. he ran with me for 8 out of the 13 miles for my half marathon at the end of the race. he pushed me when i wanted to give up–which, for this part of the race was many times. he was the best.


and his family and friends! they hung out for the entire day, chasing me on the bike-in the rain, waiting for me on different parts of the run, holding my sweaty clothes, and ringing cowbells like it was their job.

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today, i’m just feeling the love. i love love.
that is all